Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Jake Locker Should Enter the NFL Draft

In case you haven't heard, Jake Locker is pulling a Sam Bradford and going back for his senior season. This means one of the following things;

Locker really loves Washington or has a girlfriend there he's afraid to leave (believe or not that happens with these kids).

Locker wants another year to figure out whether he wants to play baseball or football.

Locker doesn't like where he'd end up as QB if he were to enter this years draft.

There are no other logical reasons for Locker to not come out this year. Next year there may be a rookie salary scale. Locker is almost a lock (no pun intended) to be the first QB taken off the board, with his only competition coming from Jimmy Clausen.

You'd figure a kid like Locker would learn from the mistakes of Matt Leinart and Sam Bradford when it comes to going for that senior season. If you're expected to be the #1 QB, only bad things can happen in the next year. For every Peyton Manning, who skipped 1997's draft where he would have been QB 1 for a senior season, after which he went QB 1, there are plenty of Drew Brees, Sam Bradford, and Matt Leinart types who watch as their stock plummets before the next years draft due to other QB's stepping in, or injury.

So good luck Locker. I hope you can get Washington to a Rose Bowl, but the way the Pac 10 is shaping up, you'll be lucky to get a bowl game next year.

Is playing for the Rams or Seahawks (who are located in Seattle) really that bad?

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  1. Maybe he has his own reasons and ideas.As his loyal fan,i will support him whenever and whatever happens.I wish he is to be happy and healthy all the time.Besides,his choice is pleasing for himself.That's all i want.NFL Draft