Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Great Bowl Game in the Books: Pitt 19 UNC 17

Big East vs ACC, Dave Wannstedt vs Butch Davis, Pitt vs North Carolina; Those were some of the things we referred to the 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl before the game.

Now we'll refer to it as a classic.

Saving you from the boring game recap (that's what ESPN and Yahoo are for, duh) this game fit right in with the rest of the 2009 Bowl Season. It was great.

I've got a feeling this is going to be a great Bowl Season, don't you?

This game sets Pitt up perfectly as the front runners in the Big East heading into 2010. Wannstedt may have been an oft-criticized professional head coach, but he's done a really admirable job with Pitt. His recruitment of Dion Lewis has every other coach East of the Mississippi smacking themselves upside the head. Especially after tonight.

UNC's contention in this game also helped further solidify the Tar-Heels as a legitimate College Football program. They may not be the men's basketball team at Chapel Hill, but they're not a joke anymore either.

This win puts the Big East at 2-0 thus far in Bowl Games. The conference will be tested when UConn takes on South Carolina, West Virginia takes on Florida State, and of course when Cincinnati take on the Florida Gators.

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