Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mountain West Move to 3-0 In Bowl Games

With last nights victory over Cal, Utah moved to 9-0 in their last nine bowl games, and helped the Mountain West Conference move to 3-0 in 2009.

With both Oregon State, and perennial Pac 10 contender Cal falling to Mountain West teams, it raises the question; how are the Mountain West not automatic qualifiers in the BCS.

Last year Utah beat Alabama and TCU beat Boise State in bowl games. This year, if TCU beat Boise State again, the Mountain West will make a strong case as the second best conference in the NCAA.

I'm not saying that the Mountain West will always be better than the Pac 10, Big East, Big 10, and Big 12, but right now it's hard to argue against it; And if BYU could have avoided getting smashed by Florida State earlier in the season, we'd be talking about the Mountain West in the same sentence as the SEC.

So let's embrace it. The Mountain West has arrived, and NCAA Football is better for it.

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