Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pro Bowl Rosters are In

It's that time of the year again; PRO BOWL ROSTER TIME!

Usually every year, this date is accompanied by debate over "who should have made it" and who the selected starters are. Basically it serves as the prelude to the All-Pro discussion.

Let's tackle that first question though; Who should have made it?

In terms of AFC Quarterbacks and Running Backs, there isn't much you can complain about. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers are all having sterling seasons, while Chris Johnson, Mo Jo Drew, and Ray Rice are absolutely the right choices. Only Matt Schaub can really complain about getting "snubbed" but considering Peyton, Brady, or Rivers will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl this year, odds are Schaub will be in.

Wide Receiver in the AFC is a little trickier. Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall, and Andre Johnson were no brainers. Wayne and Johnson can punch their tickets for the next three Pro Bowls as long as they're healthy. For the second year, Wes Welker has gone in over Randy Moss. Personally, I agree, but Moss and Vincent Jackson have every right feel snubbed. Once again, if Wayne or Welker are in the Super Bowl, expect Jackson or Moss to be representing the AFC, or at least get the invitation.

The rest of the AFC is about right; it was good to see Dumervil and Cushing selected over a household name like Merriman.

I hate to Charger bash (how can I bash the same day I put them at #1 in the Power Rankings anyway?), but Nate Kaeding in the Pro Bowl over Rob Bironas? I don't know about that. Kaeding may have made more kicks, but Bironas makes the big kicks, and the long kicks. Even the most homer Charger fan has to know Bironas deserves it, so I'll move on.

The NFC gets a bit touchy.

Favre, Brees, and Rodgers were selected as the quarterbacks which opens the question, what the heck happened to Romo, Warner, Eli, and McNabb?

By default Eli gets the Schaub treatment for not making the playoffs. Favre always gets voted in, even when he doesn't deserve it, and McNabb has been average by McNabb standards.

If Brees makes it to the Super Bowl, expect Rodgers to start, with Romo and McNabb getting the
alternate selections. Potentially Eli or Warner.

The RB's and WR's; A.P, Steven Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, Fitz, DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, and Sidney Rice can't really be argued. I suppose Marques Colston and Steve Smith (NYG) might complain, but c'mon fellas. Only Frank Gore has a real argument, but his (one and then some) game missed probably caused the '9ers work horse from a shot to play in Miami.

The defense looked good but a few obvious names are missing.

When will London Fletcher make it to the Pro Bowl! Vilma over Fletcher? Ugh.

Also, what happened to Will Smith? And no, I don't mean DJ Jazzy Jeff's Will Smith, I mean Saints DE Will Smith. A.K.A the guy with 13 sacks, .5 less than Jared Allen, and not all of which came in one early season game against a putrid offensive line. Yeah, that Will Smith.

Finally, who the hell is Heath Farwell and how did he make the Pro Bowl (as a special teamer) over the Bears LS Patrick Mannelly. Mannelly better get in.

Finally, if you remember back in early November when voting opened I made a list of 11 Players I felt should get selected, my list included Vincent Jackson, Dallas Clark, Steven Jackson, Jairus Byrd, London Fletcher, Matt Schaub, Cedric Benson, Kirk Morrison, Jacoby Jones, Sebastian Janikowski, and James Laurenitis.

Of that list only Clark, S. Jackson, and Byrd were selected. I suppose that's all that should have gotten selected. V. Jackson and Benson may get in as reserves. Fletcher and Schaub should get in as reserves. Jones may replace Cribbs, too.

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