Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Meyer to Step Down

In our first story that will carry us with speculation through the offseason, and continue into seasons to come, Urban Meyer will step down from his current position as Head Coach of the University of Florida Gators in order to deal with medical issues relating to the heart.

Okay, not that the informative bologna is off the table, let's enter the fun part.

Immediately I raise the question, how much does this have to do with the dissolution of the defense, and the departure of Tim Tebow?

Not that Meyer is faking a serious ailment or condition or anything. I'm just saying his coaching stock to go pro isn't going to get any higher than it is now. The Gators are only going to get worse these next two seasons, especially with Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU looking to be really, really, good next year.

It's hard to stay on top in college football. Look at USC, Michigan, and Oklahoma this season. Look at Tennessee and Ohio State last season. It's a roller coaster, a revolving door, a carousel, whatever amusement park ride you want to call it.

So is Urban Meyer getting himself out of Florida to position himself for a shot in the NFL? Will that shot be wherever Tim Tebow ends up? Will that spot be a state like Massachusetts where the two can legally wed like Massachusetts?

I'm not saying that Urban Meyer doesn't really have health issues to deal with here. I totally believe that something is wrong with his heart.

I just think it's a broken heart.

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