Sunday, December 6, 2009

Matt Cassel and Michael Vick


In the same afternoon that the Patriots guaranteed that 2009 Brady would not finish with a better record than 2008 Cassel, 2009 Cassell got benched; at least for today.

When he got benched Cassel was 10/29, 0 TD - 2 INT, 84 yards. So far this season Cassel is 188/349, 13 TD - 9 INT, 1,982 yards. By comparison, in 2008 Cassel went 327/518, 21 TD to 11 INT, 3,693 yards, 270 rush yards.

So far in 2009 Brady has exceeded Cassel's 2008 season, but his numbers are on pace with Cassel's numbers the second half of 2009 (in fairness to Cassel he hadn't played in a meaningful game since High School before he came in for Brady in week 1).

And you said New England wasn't a system?

You'd figure Scott Pioli would have known Cassel's success was because of the system in New England, yet Pioli, who himself came from New England, opted to give Matt Cassel a 63 million dollar contract.

It seems as though the Chiefs look forward to being mediocre well into the 2010's.


The biggest free agent QB of the 2009 market has finally risen his stock for the 2010 free agent market. Vick got his first passing and rushing touchdowns today.

Here is TD pass, Here is TD run. Though it's ironic, and somewhat cool both of these touchdowns came against a Falcons team that was playing without Matt Ryan. That being said, if you watch those clips you'll realize the plays weren't exactly good.

A lot of people think that Vick should go to Buffalo, Houston, Jacksonville, or maybe some other team looking to get a QB in the upcoming draft. Personally, I think that's an awful idea. Vick is at best a backup QB right now. All three of those teams currently have more efficent, and better QB's than Vick.

The best thing that could happen for Michael Vick for 2010 is to sign another 1 or 2 year deal with a team that has a leaky veteran QB situation. Outside of that situation he's useless.