Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bowls Shape Up

Check back here tomorrow and Monday for a complete list of Bowl games and my thoughts, but as for now let's discuss what we know.

The BCS Looks Like:

Nat'l Champ: Alabama vs Texas

Fiesta: Iowa vs Boise State

Orange: Georgia Tech vs TCU

Sugar: Florida vs Cincinnati

Rose: Oregon vs Ohio St

Shaking your head at some of those schools? Get used to it. It's the new NCAA. Personally, I love it.

Ok, so SMU are going to take on Nevada it looks. Hawaii will fall short. Jones will still return to Hawaii on Christmas Eve for the Hawaii Bowl. That's one to watch for.

Notre Dame will somehow crawl into a Bowl game. Probably the GMAC bowl. It'll be interesting to see who plays, who coaches, or if Notre Dame even except the big. That will be against Central Michigan.

If USC are lucky they'll get BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl.

The Holiday Bowl will be a good one with Oregon State taking on Nebraska.

Those are some of the bigger bowls, bigger programs. We don't know what Florida State will do. Miami will likely be given a good game too.

But who cares, it's Bowl season. We'll all try to watch as many as possible. At least we should.

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