Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Chris Henry

As you probably know, Chris Henry died this morning after struggling on life support for over 12 hours. I'm sure a lot of people are taking this news as fuel for discussion as to why the NFL has become; The Thug League.

Whenever the media mentions Chris Henry's death, they'll mention the arrests, the fights, the classic Odell Thurman incident. They'll even occasionally mention Henry as a player with a lot of potential to become a good receiver in the NFL.

I'd like to look at it through a different perspective. Chris Henry died at age 26. Think about that? How many of my readers are in Henry's age group? Probably all of them.

Instead of using Chris Henry's death as a means to make fun of the guy, think about it as a second chance for all of us. Not that Henry died for us, but that his death can teach us how youth doesn't translate into a force field. We're all human, we have a limited time here, we need to be careful and protect our health, our well being, and ourselves.

Henry's death is likely due to a heat of passion moment where he jumped in the back of the truck, and the truck's driver (Henry's wife) was also in a moment of passion. This could happen to any of us. We all get in fights with our significant others. Let's learn from this.

I think we can all take a step back from this story and examine our own lives.

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