Friday, December 18, 2009

Week 15 Picks

Last week I went 12-4 leading me to change when I make my picks for the week. In case you're wondering I picked the Colts and the Saints this week in the Pre-Sunday Games.

Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans
- The Jaguars loss to the Colts on Thursday makes this the early game to watch. Both teams have been hot the past month or so, and the winner of this one is going to be whichever team can make the fewest turnovers. If Ronnie Brown was healthy I'd take the Dolphins all the way in a game like this, but winning on the road in Tennessee is a tall order.

I'm taking the Titans at Home.

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs
- The Browns had a long week to come down from the high of beating the Steelers on Thursday Night Football. The Chiefs meanwhile had a normal length week to get over being booed by their home crowd. With jobs on the line across the board in Cleveland, I think this one means more to the Browns.

I'm taking the Browns on the Road.

Houston Texans @ St. Louis Rams
- Considering that the Jaguars already lost, and either the Titans or Dolphins are guaranteed to lose, Houston have a good opportunity here to jump back into the wild card race. Their best case scenario: Dolphins, Jets, and Ravens losses, mixed with a clean win over the Rams.

I'm taking the Texans on the Road.

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
- By now you've heard all there is to hear about the Patriots not being able to win on the road. I'm not saying that's going to go away after Sunday, but I am saying they'll beat the Bills in Buffalo. Expect Randy Moss to turn it around, too. He and T.O always step up their games against each other.

I'm taking the Patriots on the Road.

Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions
- The Cardinals lost in a bad way to the 49ers on Monday Night. No better remedy than playing a Lions team that allowed Joe Flacco to look like Johnny Unitas and Troy Smith to look like Randall Cunningham last week. The Cardinals will win this one big.

I'm taking the Cardinals on the Road.

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets - The Jets need to step up in this one to secure their playoff hopes. The Falcons know the playoffs are likely out of the picture for their 2009 season. That doesn't mean the Falcons are going to take Sunday off. Matt Ryan will be back this week and you have to believe he wants nothing more than to prevent Mark Sanchez from becoming the third QB in two years to take his team to the playoffs as a rookie. It's going to come down to the Jets powerful running attack against a Falcons run defense that is far from adequate.

I'm taking the Jets at Home.

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles - The 49ers had their biggest win of the season on Monday against the Cardinals. Unfortunately, their season was over by kickoff. The Eagles had their biggest win of the season on Sunday night against the Giants, and they look like they're getting hot at the right time. The 49ers are getting better, but this is the type of game that they're bound to lose.

I'm taking the Eagles at Home.

Chicago Bears @ Baltimore Ravens - The Ravens may not have done themselves justice by dominating the Lions so badly last week. Hopefully they realize that the NFL does consist of some real teams. The Bears aren't a good team, but they are a real team, and they'll be a lot harder to beat than the Lions were last week. Watch out for this game as a surprise hit of the weekend.

I'm taking the Ravens at Home.

Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers
- The undisputed game of the week; I'm not sure it's going to play out that way though. I'm not convinced the Bengals are a real contender, and I'm totally convinced the Chargers are a real contender. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chris Henry tragedy gave the Bengals some motivation, but I can't see them winning this road game. The Chargers are due for a loss, but probably not here.

I'm taking the Chargers at Home.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks - In this weeks "who gives a crap" game of the week, the Buccaneers travel to Seattle. The Seahawks aren't exactly a "good" team by any stretch, but the Bucs are probably the worst team in the NFL.

I'm taking the Seahawks at Home.

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos
- The Broncos are headed to the playoffs and they're probably going to be the five seed. A win against the Raiders this week can pretty much assure that, and with Charlie Frye starting at QB for the Raiders it's probably not going to be hard.

I'm taking the Broncos at Home.

Green Bay Packers @ Pittsburgh Steelers
- The Steelers have had a long, long, time to get over that loss against the Browns. It feels like it was a season ago doesn't it? The Packers are due for a loss soon, and the Green Bay franchise has lost their last three trips to Pittsburgh. Considering the circumstances around this game, I'd bet on that number growing to four.

I'm taking the Steelers at Home.

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers - This isn't going to be as easy as you would think for the Vikings. The Panthers are headed nowhere this year, but they've played a lot of close games. No Jake Delhomme makes no difference for the Panthers (as opposed to 2007), but I still think the Vikings defense and run game will do enough to help the Vikings secure a victory. Brett Favre will be given all the credit though.

I'm taking the Vikings on the Road.

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins - The Giants lost a heart breaker at home on Sunday night and we'll see the impact it has on them on Monday. If the Saints take care of the Cowboys, the Giants will go into this one knowing that they control the NFC Wild Card with a win. The Redskins finally picked up a win last week, but I can't see them putting up back to back.

I'm taking the Giants on the Road.

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