Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't Cry, Tim

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but if you watched Saturday's game you couldn't miss it. Tim Tebow cried, for a good thirty minute period of time on Saturday when a loss was inevitable for the Florida Gators.

Now I may sound cruel here, but c'mon Tebow; You can't be a sissy. If there's no crying in baseball, then there's no estrogen in Football. Period. I don't care if you just won the Super Bowl, you're not allowed to cry. I don't mean you have to be Eli Manning and show no emotion (although he was pretty excited after Super Bowl XLII... Peyton after XLI showed little to no emotion), but what I do think is that you shouldn't cry. Crying is for babies. For that reason babies don't play football.

Tim Tebow, you play football, and you play it well. You're going to be in the NFL. Don't enter the NFL with people remembering you crying. It was bad enough when you cried last week at your final home game, now again? C'mon. I can only imagine what New Years will bring us.

So c'mon Tim. I'm pulling for you to go in the first round this April; prerferably somewhere in Florida, and I'm pulling for you to succeed in the NFL (unlike Doug Johnson, Rex Grossman, Donald Douglas, Steve Spurrier, Chris Leak, Jesse Palmer, Danny Wuerfell, Terry Dean, Shane Matthews, and every other University of Florida quarterback that we know by name not because of their pro career), but in order to succeed in the NFL you need the respect of your locker room. No one denies that you are a leader, but I also think that no one believes that crying will acquire you any respect next Summer.

So good luck Tim Tebow. You had one of the best college football careers ever, but it's pretty much over. Now it's time to become one of the greatest football players ever.

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