Monday, December 28, 2009

Cowboys Clinch, Giants Done

When the Giants were 5-0 it looked like they were definitely playoff bound, the only question was "are they the one, two, or three seed?" After their loss to New Orleans, the Giants free-fell to mediocrity, but a win over the Cowboys in early December gave them a 2-0 head to head advantage over Dallas, and positioned the Giants for a playoff push.

Then the Cowboys did what the Giants (and every other team this season up to that point) couldn't do; they beat the Saints.

The win over the Saints by Dallas forced the Giants into a must win over the Panthers this week in the Giants final game at the Meadowlands; their home stadium for three Super Bowl wins and four NFC Championships. The Meadowlands Giants Stadium I farewell game ended with the G-Men getting tossed by the Carolina Panthers, a team that has played the foil to the Giants more than once in the Eli-era.

The Cowboys on the other hand took care of business yet again, quieting critics who said they couldn't win in December.

Now, Dallas are in the playoffs, and they may have a home game if they can beat the Eagles this week. Do I think the Cowboys can go deep in the playoffs? Maybe. All season I've had the Cowboy's as a plus .500 team, but not a great team. That being said, come the playoffs anyone can be great. It's a different game. From the refs, to the coaches, to the kick holders, playoff football is a different sport.

Mark my words, the Cowboys can win Super Bowl XLIV. They can beat the Vikings, Eagles, Cardinals, and Saints. They played San Diego well earlier this season, they beat the SB XLI Champion Colts in 2006, and they can beat the Patriots this year.

But unfortunately for the Cowboys, I don't see it happening. But that means nothing. I definitely didn't see the Giants or Cardinals coming out of the NFC the past two years.

As for the Giants of 2009, it was a disappointing year and changes need to be made. The team missed Derrick Ward, not because of his talent, but because you can never have too many running backs. Brandon Jacobs, like Marion Barber, is at his best when he's not relied on for every carry.

Eli Manning looked better in 2009 and he continues to improve. Giants stadium is a tough stadium to throw in, QB's say it's the toughest in the league, so never expect Eli to have Rivers or Peyton or Brady numbers. We should expect him to get Rivers or Peyton or Brady numbers in wins though, and that's where the 2009 Giants failed.

The defensive line fizzled, the linebacking corps didn't work out, and the team misses Steve Spagnuolo.

Simply put, despite beating them twice, the Giants are not a better team than the Cowboys, and the Cowboys belong in the playoffs.

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  1. True. I do believe the Cowboys can go deep in the playoffs b/c they are hot. The hottest teams win in January, as evident these past couple of years.

    That being said, I won't get my hopes up. The Giants did disappoint. I expect changes to be made, and the NFC East to be tough again next year.