Thursday, October 15, 2009

What They Went to School For

Ever wonder if college football players go to class? Chances are they don't, but like most people enrolled in a University or College, they need to have a purpose to their studies.

Here is a list that I compiled of some of the more prominent active college superstars and their major.

Tim Tebow; University of Florida - Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

Brandon Spikes; University of Florida - Social & Behavioral Sciences

Jimmy Clausen; Notre Dame - Sociology

Colt McCoy; University of Texas - Sport Management

Sergio Kindle; University of Texas - Youth and Community Studies

Tyrod Taylor; Virginia Tech - University Studies

Jahvid Best; University of California Berkley - Undeclared

Jacory Harris; University of Miami - Undeclared

C.J Spiller; Clemson - Pre-Business

Tony Pike; Cincinnati - History

Sam Bradford; Oklahoma - Finance

Eric Berry; University of Tennessee - Pre-Dental

Taylor Mays; University of Southern California - Sociology

Matt Barkley; University of Southern California - Communication

Jevan Snead; Ole Miss - Liberal Arts

Dez Bryant; Oklahoma State - Education

Ndamukong Suh; Nebraska - Construction Management

Jerry Hughes; Texas Christian University - Communications

Jake Locker; University of Washington - History

First of all I don't know what half these majors even mean, but some of them are actually pretty impressive. Eric Berry, who some people rank as the best player in college is Pre-Dental? I guess that's the only impressive one. That and Bradford as a finance major.

Now it's time to make fun. For any sociology major out there whoever took themselves seriously, PLEASE, read that list. Your major is not real. It is what athletes and hot girls take so they don't have a lot of work in the way of practice and parties.

At least Jacory Harris and Jahvid Best are keeping it real at undeclared. Props on that.

I've been to a lot of schools, applied to a lot of schools, and I never knew the major Youth & Community Studies existed. But at least if things in my town every go wrong, Tim Tebow and Sergio Kindle can come help the youth get things on track.

Here are some current NFL players majors from college:

Peyton Manning; University of Tennessee - Speech Communication

Eli Manning; Ole Miss - Business

JaMarcus Russell; LSU - General Studies

Ben Roethlisberger; University of Miami Ohio - Physical Education

Reggie Bush; University of Southern California - Political Science

Matt Leinart; Universtiy of Southern California - Sociology

Tom Brady; University of Michigan - Organizational Studies

So if you ever need to get your life together and don't know the best way to organize it, give Tom Brady a call. He's got a degree.

Big Ben as a gym teacher. Classic.

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  1. can you believe a girl is reading about football. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

    mandie reed