Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reaction to Jeff Fisher Wearing Peyton Manning Jersey in Public

I've never felt that bad for Tennessee Titans, even when their team was bad. I mean how could you feel bad for a team that went to the Super Bowl not too long ago, especially when the Browns, Texans (who happen to be from the city that the Titans are rooted in), Jaguars, Lions and Saints have never even been there.

But this is bad. This is up there with an 0-16 season; Scratch that, this is worse than an 0-16 season. This is up there with the Browns being moved from Cleveland to Baltimore to become the Ravens. This is that bad for a franchise.

Jeff Fisher is probably the most identifiable figure in the history of Titans franchise. He helped build a team out of a franchise that was previously compiled from garbage; and then helped rebuild the team after the team he previously built turned stale. He cleaned up the Pacman mess, he turned Albert Haynesworth into a respectable citizen, and turned plenty of bad situations into winning formulas.

But to wear a Peyton Manning jersey in public; whether for comedic purposes, for charity, or because you're promoting the NFL's Fall Line of Jersey's everybody's owned since 2003, I don't care. This is awful for business, your career, and your perception as the face of the Titans franchise. For years Peyton Manning has been a dagger in your side. We know that you get along with him off the field, but c'mon! Your team in 0-6, the Colts are 5-0! How do you expect fans to buy your own product if your supporting someone else's!?

So apparently this was for charity, and apparently the crowd got the joke. It was a Tony Dungy charity, so I'm sure there were a lot of Colts supporters there. Lets not forget this is Tennessee where Peyton Manning is on a short list with Elvis and Jerry "The King" Lawler for the states most beloved hero's.

But still! "I just wanted to feel like winner." C'mon Jeff Fisher! I'm still shocked.

This has to be the worst idea a coach has ever had since Mike Tice unveiled "The Randy Ratio."

Even if this is a joke it's not funny. If I was a Titans fan, especially in this economy, I'd be pissed off that I was spending my money on this team, when the head coach finds it funny that we suck. Fisher should know better; things are really bad in Tennessee and they won't be getting better anytime soon. Don't pour salt in your own fans wounds.

Here's a link to the video.

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