Thursday, October 29, 2009

Picks For This Weekend's Top College Match Up's

This is a slow week for college football so instead of doing a number games, I'm only breaking down two college games this week... SMU @ Tulsa and West Virginia @ South Florida. The winners of these two game will take massive steps towards earning a bid at a National Championship.

Very funny, I know.

Actually I'll be breaking down USC @ Oregon and and Texas @ Oklahoma State; two games where the winners will actually take massive steps towards the BCS.

USC @ Oregon - After an opening night loss on smurf turf that turned LeGarrette Blount into a household name for all the wrong reason, Oregon's national title hopes seemed abysmal. Since that game Oregon have beaten two ranked opponents, and dominated a Washington team in Washington that previously upset the Trojans. A win this week and it's likely that Oregon will not only win the Pac-10 conference, but the Ducks will also get right into the middle of the national title picture.

On the other side of the ball there's the USC Trojans. The perennial Pac-10 favorites opened the season with a lot of questions about Freshman QB Matt Barkley, but quieted most of those questions in a week 2 18-15 win at Ohio State. In that game Barkley got hurt though, and the next week backup Quarterback Aaron Corp was unable to lead the Trojans to a win against the unranked Washington Huskie. Since then, the Trojans have impressed picking up wins against ranked Berkley and Notre Dame teams on the road.

If this game were in LA it'd be a lot easier to predict given that USC just don't lose at home; but it's not. The game is in Oregon where the Ducks are always tough to beat. At some point true Freshman Matt Barkley is going to learn what it's like to lose, and this game looks like a good time for that to happen... But it won't.

Although I personally believe this is the weakest USC team since Carson Palmer was junior in 2001, the 2009 Trojans are focused. Oregon coach Chip Kelly has done a great job getting his ship back on course but it's unlikely the Ducks will be able to stay afloat this week. Oregon's offense is far too spotty, and though the defense is aggressive, USC will find a way to pull this one off.

Final Score: USC 28 Oregon 16

and now for the other main event:

Texas @ Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State is an interesting team this year, they've had a few impressive wins (@ Georgia, Mizzou) and they're currently ranked #13.

Okay, I'm glad I got that out because now that that's over I can just say this; Texas are going to win this one by double digits and it'll barely be a game in the second half.

This is the same Oklahoma State team that let up 45 points at home to a Houston team that consistantly finish 40 spots behind the Cowboys in recruiting. Texas meanwhile are undefeated, have consistantly punished opponents, and two weaks ago squeaked by an Oklahoma team who a lot of people thought would beat the Longhorns.

This is also Heisman contender Colt McCoy's best chance to impress the world in Prime Time. Half the nation will be watching this game and the Longhorns don't have another game worth mentioning on their schedule (unless you count @ Texas A&M... I'll pass).

Texas are going to win this game, Texas are going to win big. Oklahoma State have never beaten the Longhorns when the Longhorns are ranked. Do me a favor and watch USC @ Oregon instead.

Final Score: Texas 38 Oklahoma State 17


The U will rebound vs Wake Forest
Cincinatti will beat Syracuse
The Gamecocks are gonna fall to The Vols
Notre Dame, Iowa, TCU, LSU, Flordia, and Boise State will all win this week as well.

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