Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 7 Picks

If there's one thing we know about pro football picks it's that no ones opinion matters. The games still need to be played.

Last week I went an awful 7-7.

That being said............. It's a new week and I'm loving the road teams.

Here are my picks for week 7, 2009.

Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns - Eric Mangini and the Browns need a win to quiet the critics and let the tame fade into oblivion. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers need a win to get back to the front of the NFC playoff race. This game means a lot to Green Bay given that next week the Favre Bowl II will take place in Green Bay.

I'm taking Green Bay on the Road.

Indianapolis Colts @ St. Louis Rams - The Colts are coming off of a bye week and are getting healthy. Bob Sanders will be back this week, and that means that the Colts defense should shore up some of it's problems that the team didn't address during the trade deadline. The Rams are bad and things aren't going to get better this week.

I'm taking the Colts on the Road coming off of the bye.

San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans - The winner of this one will be in good shape for a midseason playoff push; The loser will have to regroup and make some changes. The 49ers gets Frank Gore back this week and that will help against a Texans defense that has looked suspect at times.

I'm taking the 49ers on the Road coming off of a bye.

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs - If the Chargers want to make the playoffs they're going to have to win this one. The Chiefs had an impressive win last week against a bad team, while the Chargers had a depressing loss against a good team. I think the roles will be reversed this week.

I'm taking the Chargers on the Road.

Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers - This has to be the game of the week. The media is talking up Brett Favre vs Ben Roethlisberger, two of the games living legends at QB; but everyone knows this game will come down to the Steelers defense against Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings defenses' ability to rush the passer. It's always tough to win in Pittsburgh but I've got a feeling about this one.

I'm taking the Vikings on the Road.

New England Patriots @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - This game isn't really a home game for the Buc's, in fact it's in London where most of the people in attendance will probably be cheering for the Patriots considering they've more likely heard of Tom Brady than Cadillac Williams. The Patriots beat up on one winless team last week, they'll dominate another this week.

I'm taking the Patriots in London.

Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers - The Bills and Panthers both looked pretty bad winning last week. The Bills know they have no shot at the playoffs this year; not with all the injuries they have on defense. Meanwhile, the Panthers know that they need to make the playoffs this year. If not, then John Fox, Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, and Mushin Muhammad may no longer be playing in Carolina next year for one reason or another. In other words, this is a must win for the Panthers.

I'm taking the Panthers at Home.

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders - The Jets are going to be without Jericho Cotchery in this one and that will hurt rookie QB Mark Sanchez when he goes against a very good Oakland Raiders secondary. The Jets defense should do enough to stop Raiders offense from scoring too many points.

I'm taking the Jets on the Road.

Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals - These were two teams that I was really high on heading into last week; and both let me down. There's a good chance on of these teams will leave Sunday with shattered playoff dreams. Cutler and Palmer are a lot alike; both have great arms, have put up Pro Bowl numbers, but have one little in their careers other than Fantasy Football Championships. In a game like this the QB who outshines the other will guide his team to a win. I'm going to go with the veteran.

I'm taking the Bengals at Home.

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys - The REAL game of the week. Sure Minnesota @ Pittsburgh has the two "better" teams, but this game will have the offense, a little defense, the stars, and the numbers. If Atlanta can beat Dallas on the road, they'll do their playoff hopes a huge favor, practically clinching a Wild Card at worst. If the Cowboys can win, they'll be right back in the middle of the hunt for January. I think that Matt Ryan at this point is already a much better QB than Tony Romo, but coming off a bye, at home, the Cowboys wont lose.

I'm taking the Cowboys at Home.

New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins - I think there's a good chance the Dolphins actually win this one. The Saints are coming off of a huge home win, and are heading on the road to a team that can run the ball and force a couple of three and outs. Earlier in the season the Dolphins lost to the Colts, but have since learned from their mistakes. Chad Henne looks good, and a win here would put the Miami Dolphins at the forefront of the AFC wild card race. I'm taking the upset.

I'm taking the Dolphins at Home.

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants - Remember when Kurt Warner and Eli Manning where on that "newlywed game" commercial? That was funny. Last year these two teams met and the Giants beat up on the Cardinals. I think that we'll see more of that this week. The Giants lost a heart breaker to the Saints last week, they're not the kind of team to lose two in a row in games like that. Especially at night in the Meadowlands where Fitzgerald and the Cardinals offense will likely be slowed down.

I'm taking the Giants at Home.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins - Exhibit A for why ESPN needs to realize that the NFC East rivalries are a little bit overrated. The only reason people really care is because the teams have been good the past few years. This year, one team is good the other is awful. I'm looking forward to barely paying attention to this game.

I'm taking the Eagles at Home.

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