Monday, October 19, 2009

This Past Sunday I Learned:

This Past Sunday I learned:

Lovie Smith gets his red zone offense from Charlie Weis.

The New Orleans Saints are for real. This team has a real shot to get home field throughout the NFC playoffs.

That the Seahawks aren't that good; in fact they're actually really bad. With or without Matt Hasselbeck.

The Ravens really need this bye week. It'll be tough for them to go over .500 anyway.

Yes, the Tennessee Titans are the worst team in the AFC, right now.

I was wrong about the Philadelphia Eagles being the best team in the NFC.

As I suspected, the Bengals aren't ready to be a contender.

When the Giants are playing from behind they look old. When they're ahead they look the best team in the league. Chances are they're somewhere in between (like the Patriots?).

The snow really doesn't effect Tom Brady (no tuck rule jokes please), he's the best bad weather QB the NFL has seen this side of Favre... and a lot better than Mark Sanchez.

Matt Cassell isn't as bad as I thought he was, but not nearly as good as everyone else said he was going to be.

Jim Zorn was calling the offensive plays the past two seasons in Washington. Although this was not news to me, the fact that Washington had an offense was.

Despite a win, the Carolina Panthers are a very average team. Did the Buc's really shut Steve Smith down? Maybe I was wrong about calling him the best wide receiver in the NFL. Ouch.

The Houston Texans can win road games against quality opponents.

and most importantly....

The Minnesota Vikings have what it takes to beat any team in the NFL at home.

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