Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boise State Don't Belong in the National Title Picture

First things first let me get this off my chest; The Boise State Broncos have the best uniforms in sports. Not college sports, not just football, but all of sports.

Phew. That feels good.

Now let me get this next thing off my chest; the 2009 Boise State Broncos will not do enough in the 2009 season to earn a spot in the BCS National Title Game, or arguably the BCS in general.

I'm not questioning Boise's talent; personally I think that if they ended up in the championship game against Alabama (sorry Florida) they'd do well. Unfortunately for them, they're in the WAC and they've only got one game against a ranked opponent on their entire schedule for the season, a week 1 home stand against the Oregon Ducks, a very good opponent.

Boise beat the Ducks, convincingly, but that isn't enough to warrant a shot against Alabama. Especially if USC goes to Oregon and beats the Ducks. That'd give USC wins over Ohio State, Cal, Notre Dame, and Oregon. If USC come out of that schedule with one loss, they definitely belong ahead of Boise in polls.

Texas, Virginia Tech, Miami, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Kansas, Oklahoma State, LSU, Penn State, Florida, and handful of other teams can make the same argument as USC if they end their season with one loss.

Also floating around out there are the two Big East teams who will meet in tomorrow's showdown, Cincinnati and USF. If USF runs the table they'd have to have beaten a ranked FSU team, a top 10 Cincinnati team, and a potentially top 10 Miami team. Cincinnati's schedule is a little bit easier but they've already picked up a win at Rutgers, and if they pick up this win at USF, it may be enough to earn a spot in a big bowl game. One loss in those schedules for either team and I'd put the Big East winner ahead of Boise State.

Finally, there's TCU. Earlier in the season people were calling for BYU in the national title game. If TCU, who are currently undefeated go on the road and beat a ranked BYU team, and defeat a ranked Utah team later in the season, TCU will definitely leap from Boise State, and likely eliminate Boise State from any major bowl game. At this point in time the Mountain West is viewed as leaps and bounds ahead of the WAC, and an undefeated team coming out of the Mountain West will definitely get a lot of BCS consideration this year.

Overall it's Boise States fault. A good friend of mine who follows the WAC said that major conference teams are afraid of scheduling Boise because they have little to gain and everything to lose. Imagine a school like Tennessee losing to Boise, it'd be awful for their recruiting. If they beat Boise, then who cares? This theory makes perfect sense.

But still, I think there's room on Boise's schedule for a trip to Syracuse or Rutgers. Maybe a shot at Purdue, or NC State. None of these teams are ranked but they're at least respected programs. And why not take a shot at the Pac 10. Washington State ended up on SMU's schedule, who's to say you can't land Washington? A win against Washington and Boise State would likely be in the BCS Title game this year.

But they won't be. Instead, because of a poorly constructed schedule, the team needs to rely on Cincinnati, Southern Florida, and TCU all losing a game just to end up in a major bowl game. This is both the beauty and the flaw of the BCS system. Unfortunately for Boise State, even if they run the tabke, the BCS is likely to see them as at best the number 5 team in the nation.

Those uniforms are amazing though.

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  1. Ok, #1.....Penn State has the best uniform in sports and here is why: They got a fucking line down the middle of their helmets, thats just cool. Plus you have blue and white baby thats just gives me the chills. And to stay old fashion, your not getting fancy you are staying classy with a great simplistic scheme.

    #2 I agree Boise State doesn't deserve a BCS Bowl spot