Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I figured now would be a good time to launch this thing

I created this blog in late February through early March when I came down with an awful case of acid reflux. I spent the two weeks I was sick with it in the bedroom of my apartment chipping away at this blog. I planned on initially launching it with an epic blog post, one that would've made the waves on the internet. It was going to be triumphant. I felt my brains genius waves streaming to my fingers... Then a funny thing I happened;

I got better.

After that I only occasionally worked on this blog; when I was stuck in an airport in Madrid, bored on a jobless afternoon, or working from school; nevertheless my epic introductory post never got finished. But now, in the middle of the NFL season, I have decided to launch FUNK Football.

A little bit about myself... I am a Colts fan from Long Island, New York. In case you're wondering there are a decent amount of us out there. Why? I'm not totally sure... but we do exist.

I was never good at playing football but from a young age I was definitely able to understand it and dissect it better than most. Not to sound like I'm the second coming of Chuck Knoll, I'm not a coach at all, just a fan who has a passion not only for the game being played, but the history of the game.

Through this blog I plan on reflecting on all sorts of issues; off the field, on the field, the past, the future, the draft, the Hall of Fame, the way the game is reported, etc.

So I hope you enjoy. I'll try to be as good with this blog as possible.

- Jason

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