Friday, October 23, 2009

Picks For This Weekend's Top College Match Up's

This is a weekend that I've been looking forward to for a long time. There's not a lot of flashy BCS match ups, but there are a lot of great games this weekend.

We've got the best rivalry the WAC has seen this half of the decade. We have Tennessee vs Alabama. Every Irishman's cream dream in BC vs Notre Dame. And USC vs the team that ruined their 2008.

But let's start with the conference everyone knows I love to pump: The Mountain West.

#10 TCU @ #16 BYU - TCU are undefeated and BYU's only loss has been to a pretty good Florida State team. TCU are looking to be this years BCS spoilers; a win over BYU in Utah could likely help the Horned Frogs leapfrog over Boise St in the rankings. I can't see it happening though. BYU are going to win this one. Heading into the season they were looked at as the best team in conference, and I still believe they are right now.

TCU 24 BYU 39

Oregon State @ #4 USC - USC don't lose at home. It's one of the known facts of college football in the 00's. If this game were in Oregon State I'd sing a different tune. USC will win this one and begin their surge towards the National Championship Game.

Oregon State 18 USC 44

Tennessee @ #1 Alabama - So far Lane Kiffin has done a respectable job; I expect that to continue this week in Alabama. The Tide will win this one, but much like in the Florida game earlier in the season, Tennessee will put up a fight. Their defense is too good to get blown out.

Tennessee 13 Alabama 24

#6 Boise State @ Hawaii - When this rivalry heads to Hawaii you never know what will happen; Unfortunately, this year I think we all kind of know what will happen. Hawaii aren't that bad of a team, but Boise are much better right now.

Boise State 38 Hawaii 17

#7 Iowa @ Michigan State - It's going to happen this week; The Buckeyes are going to lose. Michigan State started the season poorly, but they've since turned it around. They have no hope at winning the Big Ten, but they'll give Ohio State and Michigan a big hand this week. I'm calling the upset.
Iowa 21 Michigan State 24

#3 Texas @ Missouri - Mizzou have hit a brutal schedule, and it gets worse this week when they host #3 Texas. I'm not buying into the hype that Texas aren't that good because they didn't blow Oklahoma out. Oklahoma are a very respectable program, especially when Sam Bradford plays. Though I love it when Mizzou compete, Texas are going to win this week.

Texas 33 Mizzou 17

Other picks I have this week:

Notre Dame over Boston College

#8 Miami over Clemson

#2 Florida over Mississippi State

#25 Oklahoma over #24 Kansas

#13 Penn State over Michigan

and UConn over West Virginia

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