Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Decision for Tim Tebow

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping Tim Tebow sits out this week.

Outside of the fledgling northern Florida franchise, I'd put hard money on the rest of the world hoping that Tebow starts in this weeks #1 vs #4 match up against LSU.

The most famous college "student" in America is currently facing his newest Herculean" task; a concussion. And though it has likely left Tim with a lot of questions (such as where he left his striped socks and Hardy Boy novels?), it's facing the rest of the college football world with the question "will Tebow start this weekend against LSU?"

Personally, I think Tim should sit. His draft stock probably can't get much higher. Sure another national title would propel it, but you're already Tim Tebow, you we never the #1 overall pick, through the endorsement of Super Bowl coaches like Bill Parcells and John Gruden you've crept your way into the first round, and all of this is based upon you being able to help your team in week one of the 2010 NFL regular season... as the starting Quarterback in Jacksonville.

Look what happened to Sam Bradford when he decided to stay in college... worst case scenario for Bradford's life had he left after the BCS Title game last year is he's the current starting QB for the New York Jets. Instead Mark "the Sanchize" Sanchez is gracing the walls and hearts of every straight tough guy in New York. Sure, in the handsome department Bradford makes Vinny Testaverde look like Steve Young, and New York is known for creaming over the DiMaggio's, Jeter's, Wright's, Piazza's, and Simms' of the world; but let's be fair; the city embraced Howard Johnson and Mark Messier. Bradford would've done fine.

Moral of the story; Bradford, though still a first round pick in all probability, will probably be examined and questioned and a lot more before this April's draft; and there's a healthy QB in South Bend looking to not only take Bradford's Heisman, but also his spot as the #1 QB on the board.

All of this is more reason for Tebow to sit out. Tebow is in the first round right now with our without Jimmy Clausen declaring early. The Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans need Tim Tebow in the turquoise, black, gold, or whatever the Jaguars colors are this week! And Tim is the perfect fit for Jacksonville. He is mobile. His arm is alright. And he'll fit perfectly in the AFC South where big named college quarterbacks not named Peyton go to die (Carr, Young, Leftwich... Dave Ragone anyone?)

So sit this one out Timmy. Maybe the Gators will get the win without you... If not, you still have a shot at the national title... after all you're the Florida Gators and you've done it before with losses on your resume.

Focus (if your brain allows you at this stage in the game) on the NFL. You've gone from being transformed into a fullback at the pro level to being seen as a first round QB. Some times you've got to sell high. This is one of those cases.

Don't worry though, Steve Spurrier will still think you're the best QB in the SEC... I promise.

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  1. You forget to mention Brooks Bollinger as the future of the UFL.

    I agree Tebow should sit, but he wont. Jimmy Claussen has to be the most underrated of the "elite" college quarterbacks. He already plays in an NFL type offense, and if teams are smart, he'll be drafted ahead of, at the very least, Tim Tebow. He is battling Turf Toe though, but that hasn't really seemed to slow him down.