Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 6 Picks

If there's one thing we know about pro football picks it's that no ones opinion matters. The games still need to be played.

Last week I went a miserly 9-5.

That being said.............

Here are my picks for week 6, 2009.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals
- The Bengals are hot at 4-1 and they're home against the struggling Texans. A loss for the Texans would likely end their season, while a loss for the Bengals would likely send them back to earth.

I'm taking the Bengals at Home.

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers - The Packers need this one to keep their season alive. Last time we saw them this 2009 edition of the Packers they lost an emotional game in Minnesota. Since then the Packers have had a week off to regroup, and now they get the Lions at home to help give their season a launch.

I'm taking the Packers at Home coming off the bye.

St. Louis Rams @ Jacksonville Jaguars - St. Louis are bad, but Jacksonville made it look like it was still 2005 in Seattle last week. The Jaguars have a lot more to prove this week, and a win would send them to .500 despite a poor start.

I'm taking the Jaguars at Home.

Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings - The "Battle of the Purple" has a lot on the line for both teams. A win for Minnesota and they can likely start positioning themselves for the playoffs. A win for Baltimore and live another a week; a loss for Baltimore and they fall to .500 and a return to the playoffs becomes a lot shakier. It should be a defensive struggle, but they key to the game will be Adrian Peterson vs the Ravens defense. Since 2000, I always take elite talent over the Ravens, it's usually a safe bet.

I'm taking the Vikings at Home.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints - This time the home game for New Orleans is actually in New Orleans (remember 2005?) A lot of people are considering this the game of the week and for good reason, it features two undefeated teams, both of which will need to win for leverage come playoff time. In a showdown between Drew Brees and Eli Manning I've got to go with the QB with more big game experience. Eli is going to win this one in his hometown.

I'm taking the Giants on the Road.

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers - I'm sure by now everyone on the Browns roster has heard rumors that they might be traded. I'm also sure that everyone on the Browns knows that they cannot beat the Steelers.

I'm taking the Steelers at Home.

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Buc's 2009 season is dead, everyone in Tampa knows that. The Panters are still hanging on to hope that they can turn their 2009 around, a win on the road at Tampa would bring the team within a game of .500. A loss and the Panthers wouldn't deserve to be contenders.

I'm taking the Panthers on the Road.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins - The Chiefs are a little better than their winless record, and the Redskins are a little worse than their 2-3 record. The 2009 Redskins have already given the Lions, Giants, and Panthers their first win of the season; this is an opportunity to do the same for the Chiefs. I can't see it though.

I'm taking the Redskins at Home.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders - After last weeks mauling by the Giants, any statement that the Raiders can contend with a good team is Bologna. The question in this one isn't "who will win?" It's "by how many?"

I'm taking the Eagles at Home.

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks - This is week 6's underrated game of the week. The winner of this one will have a season reborn, the loser will have an uphill climb to make it to the playoffs. Seattle looked really impressive last week, and the Cardinals showed weakness in the 4th quarter. We'll find out a lot about these two teams this week.

I'm taking the Cardinals on the Road.

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots - A couple of weeks ago a lot of people probably thought AFC playoff implications would be on the line in this one. Now the better question is, "will one of these teams even make the playoffs?" The answer is "yes" and that team will be the team that wins this game.

I'm taking the Patriots at Home.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - The Bills are in a lot of trouble, not only now but long term. The Jets may be in trouble right now, but long term things are looking pretty good. This is a trap game for the Jets, and coming off a short week that began with heartbreak, we'll learn a lot about this Jets team. A loss and it's bye bye 2009.

I'm taking the Jets at Home.

Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons - The Bears and the Falcons aren't ready to give the Vikings and Saints division titles. Not yet, at least. Both of these teams not only have big playoff dreams, but they both have big time Super Bowl dreams. The winner of this one will take a big step towards getting there.

I'm taking the Bears on the Road coming off the Bye.

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers - There is so much on the line here, not only in the AFC West, but in the AFC in general. A Chargers loss here would not only virtually guarantee a division title for the Broncos, but it'd also enchance the Jets, Jaguars, Dolphins, Patriots, Bengals, and Ravens playoff hopes. It'll also make the Colts and Steelers very happy campers. The Broncos are hot. They're everyone's pick of the week. The coach of the year award is Josh McDaniels' to lose. I think he'll take his first step towards losing it this week.

I'm taking the Chargers at Home coming off the Bye.

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