Saturday, January 16, 2010

What If The Colts Lose?

Today is game day for the Indianapolis Colts, the day that the team has been counting down to since halftime of week 16. This is also the biggest game the Indianapolis Colts have played since February 4th, 2007; the day Peyton and company got their first Super Bowl ring.

Few remember, but heading into the 2006 AFC playoffs, head coach Tony Dungy was on the hot seat. Had the Colts lost their first game against the Chiefs that playoffs, Dungy was surely going to be given the boot, or at least reconsidered as the head coach of this time.

Hindsight 20/20 we can now find that statement funny. Dungy has since solidified his legacy as not only a Hall of Fame head coach, but also as one of the icons in the history of the league; breaking perhaps the final color barrier left in American sports.

Caldwell is a different story. If the Colts lose to the Ravens today, the media, Colts fans, and probably a lot of players (Peyton?) will want to see heads roll. There was absolutely no doubt after the Colts win over the Jaguars who the best team in the NFL was, and there was no doubt the Colts were superior to the Ravens. Caldwell got his players healthy, has home field advantage, and has absolutely no reason not to advance to the AFC championship game.

In other words, if the Colts lose, the first head coach to start his career 14-0 may be looking for a new job somewhere.

The Indianapolis Colts should win today, but they should have beaten Pittsburgh in 2005 as well. This team is different, there's a different sense of focus; As someone who follows the Colts heavily , this is the most focused I've seen the team. Ever. That includes when Reggie Wayne came to camp wearing camouflage.

The Colts have the perfect balance of veterans and youth. They're healthy. They have the best football player of his generation. If the Colts don't win today, watch out. Things will have to chance.

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