Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Charlie Weis Heads to the Chiefs

After a suffering through a College Football season that felt like "the countdown to Charlie Weis getting fired," I was starting to get scared of all the offseason "where will Charlie Weis coach" rumors.

Immediately after he was fired, rumors of Weis reuniting with someone from the Parcells/Belichick tree began. Would he go to Cleveland? Belichick said he'd explore the idea when the season was over. Parcells spoke highly of Weis.

At the end of the day, it was the Kansas City Chiefs, who are now General Managed by Scott Pioli, a former Patriots executive.

The hiring of Weis raises the question as to whether or not the Chiefs are interested in drafting Jimmy Clausen to be the future of the franchise. Many scouts believe that it would be to Clausen's benefit to sit and watch the league for a season, instead of being thrown into the fire like Mark Sanchez. Drafting Clausen would raise the Chiefs future prospects, but it would also be the sign of a 40 million dollar mistake marking Pioli's first move as Chiefs GM; the acquiring of QB Matt Cassel.

Cassel ended 2009 with a 16 to 16 TD to INT ratio, 2,924 passing yards, and a 69.9 Quarterback rating. Though the Chiefs offensive weapons aren't exactly the Patriots offensive weapons (a system in which Cassel put up an 89.4 QB rating in 2008), Cassel still underperformed.

The signing of Charlie Weis opens the doors for all of these discussions as we enter an offseason in which the Chiefs would have seemed relative irrelevant.

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