Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Report: Chargers At Strip Club Saturday Before Jets Game

Though NFL players being idiots isn't exactly new news, it's always fun to mention players doing dumb things before big games.

You have probably heard by now about Vincent Jackson's second consecutive playoff time traffic-related arrest, but today XX1090 in San Diego was treated to a pretty unique call.

The manager of a well known strip club in the San Diego area named "Pure Platinum" called in this afternoon around 1:00 PM Pacific time to alert host Darren Smith that at least eight Chargers were at his strip club into the early hours of the morning less that 36 hours before the game with the Jets on Sunday.

Though this isn't the worst crime in the world (it's not like they were there the night before the game) it still goes to show the discipline of this Chargers team and proves why they're not ready to be champions yet. This news, mixed with the Jackson news, Cromartie's bottle breaking incident, and the whole Merriman-Tila Tequila thing just makes the San Diego Chargers look like the complete opposite of the Indianapolis Colts or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Throw in Philip Rivers' "school-kid-complaining-because-his-team-is-losing" demeanor, and Tomlinson's music video and the San Diego Chargers look like the team in the NFL that needs Tom Coughlin (circa 2005) to coach them the most.

To be fair to the Chargers, had Nate Kaeding hit a few field goals, this probably wouldn't be a story. Still, the Chargers continuous lack of discipline on and off the field is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Edited 1/21: The call from the Strip Club manager was made to Darren Smith, not the previously stated John Cantera (actually spelt Katera). My apologies.


  1. In my opinion,they all of the players are very excellent and show well-performs in their competing life in the NFL Draft team.Whatever people doubt ,they are still trying their best to get awards for their team and their country.That's very honour.We should support them.

  2. Your overall premise is spot-on..."the Chargers' continuous lack of discipline...needs to be addressed."

    However, some of your examples are simply falsehoods perpetrated by the media. Specifically, your inaccurate assertion that Rivers has a "school-kid-complaining-because-his-team-is-losing demeanor". He's a feisty, hates-to-lose competitor who doesn't back down or quit because of a minor injury like torn knee ligaments. I'll take him ALL DAY! Additionally, the LT video was an ad filmed by Nike years ago. I wish it hadn't been released when it was, but it wasn't even created this season.
    Having said all that, Norv better get these guys' attention cuz it would be a shame for both LT and Rivers to miss out on a ring!

  3. I know about the LT video, and I agree that it was poor-timing. It's a bit unfair to attack LT for this loss considering the Jets are not the easiest team to run on.

    Rivers does need to work on being a little more calm and collected, though. His reputation around the league is miserable, and that means something whether you want to admit it or not.

    I agree rivers is a competitor and I absolutely believe that he's a top 10 quarterback. I just think he needs to be a little more like Eli/Roethlisberger when it comes to one-the-field-class.

  4. I am the manager. story is completely false. @ players came in friday. left before curfew. No drinking involved. End of story

  5. Are you the same person who called into XX1090 yesterday?

    If the story is completely false, then how were they there to begin with? Nowhere in the article did I write Chargers were drinking, I just reported that they were THERE.

    By @ do you mean 2? Were two players there?

    Please let me know.

  6. the call wasn't made to Coach Kentera. It was to Darren Smith.

  7. We are putting a lawsuit on Hacksaw for slander. 2 chargers, didn't drink, left before curfew out the back door. Their party stayed that was with them.