Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cowboys: The Team No One Wants to See

Let me start this by saying I don't think the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl in 2009. They have a chance, of course, but I just like those two AFC teams too much.

Now let me say that the last team those two teams in the AFC want to see go to the Super Bowl are the Dallas Cowboys. Not only can the Cowboys put up points, but they also have a great pass rush, and a great running offense; The Chargers and Colts biggest weaknesses.

The Cowboys look poised to go into Minnesota next week and pick up the second playoff win of the four-year Tony Romo era. The Vikings and the Cowboys ended their regular seasons on opposite sides of the momentum spectrum, and however erratic Tony Romo has traditionally been in "the big one," Favre magnifies that number by about 33.

Whether the Cowboys host the NFC Championship game or go on the road to New Orleans is paramount to their Super Bowl hopes. If Arizona or Green Bay go on the road next week and upset the Saints, then you have to love Dallas' Super Bowl chances (despite their mid-season struggle with the Packers). If the Cowboys are forced into Cowboys/Saints live from New Orleans II, then you have the begin to swallow hard if you're a Cowboy's fan.

New Orleans' momentum tank is running on empty right now, but a win next week over the Cardinals vs Packers winner would put all the fuel the Saints need in their tank. Offensively, the Saints are the far superior team in a Saints vs Cowboys match up, and though the Cowboys have the better defense overall, the Saints defense is great at doing the one thing that the Cowboys are known to do when they lose; turning the ball over.

A month ago it looked like Dallas wouldn't be in the playoffs, now we're talking going deep in the playoffs. If they had a better head coach we would be talking Super Bowl champions.

Then again, how ironic would a Norv vs Wade Super Bowl be after the past three years of "fire Norv," "fire Wade" banter.

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