Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pre - Pre - Pre Season NCAA FBS TOP 25

Okay, so I know it's really premature (before players announce their leaving for the Pro's even) but here is my end of season into next season NCAA FBS top 25.

01. Alabama - They're returning a lot of their key players, especially on offense, and they ran the table last year. They'll be back this year.

02. Ohio State - They're the class of the Big Ten, but the Big Ten will be tough. They have a key non conference game with The U.

03. Virginia Tech - Entering 2010 they are the favorites to win the ACC. The question is do they want it more than Miami and Georgia Tech?

04. Boise State - They play Oregon State and Virginia Tech. Win those two and they're playing for the National Title.

05. Iowa - They were good this year, if healthy, they can be great next year.

06. Oklahoma - Landry Jones and the offensive line will be improved in 2010. The Big 12 is theirs to lose.

07. Texas - They're going to slip. Truth is, they're losing a lot of leadership.

08. USC - With an emerging Pac 10, I'd be shocked if they made it to the National Title game next year.

09. TCU - If they run the table they'll be back in the BCS, not the title game.

10. Florida - With or without Meyer, I can't see this team getting back to national title contention in 2010.

11. Wisconsin - They impressed towards the end of last year, and heading into 2010 they have the Big 10 looking really good.

12. LSU - They always compete. It all comes down to them vs Alabama though.

13. Nebraska - A sleeper for the Big 12. They're a better team than people give them credit for.

14. Oregon - Last year may have been their shot, but that defense is solid.

15. Miami - A win over Wisconsin would have made them preseason National Title game contenders.

16. Oregon State - They can win the Pac 10, not a national title.

17. Pittsburgh - A sleeper to get to the National Title Game. They may be the best team in the Big East heading into 2010, and if they can run the table, they just may get there.

18. Georgia Tech - Another ACC Title is going to be hard with VT and Miami looking to improve.

19. North Carolina - This is the year Butch Davis has to get it done. ACC Title game or bust.

20. Notre Dame - Don't expect it to take too long for Brian Kelly to turn this ship around. His talent pool is deeper, and his schedule isn't much tougher.

21. UConn - Welcome to college football relevence UConn. Believe it or not they have a shot to win the Big East next year.

22. Utah - If you win the Mountain West you can go BCS. Enough said.

23. Penn State - It's gonna be a down year, but this team is always relevant.

24.Cincinnati - It's going to be a down year for this program.

25. Houston - Keenum is coming back. Their competion in C-USA will be SMU and ECU. Both will be tough.

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