Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eric Mangini Staying in Cleveland is the Right Move

The Browns announced today that Eric Mangini and his staff will be back in 2010. With or without Mangini's four game winning streak to end the 2009 regular season, this was the right move.

Entering 2009 the Cleveland Browns were a mess. They had not one, but two overpaid Quarterbacks, a wide receiving corps that had one receiver likely headed for jail, while another was an on the field and off the field distraction. On top of that, Mangini took over a team with a tight end who could be as much of a distraction as any player in the league.

On top of that, they had a defense with no direction.

The tight end is gone, both receivers are gone, and one, if not both quarterbacks will be gone by the start of 2010. The defense still needs work, but the team is getting there.

Like I said, the Browns were a mess entering 2009, they had some talent, but not the right pieces to win. Mangini and Holmgren both know that this team will not be able to contend for a Super Bowl until 2011 at best, which gives the Browns even more reason to keep Mangini.

Worst case scenario the Browns don't improve in 2010 and you fire Mangini then. At least then there would be no questions to ask about his ability to lead this team into the future.

No word as to whether or not Mangini's ability to sausage for sausage with Holmgren in an eating race had anything to do with this decision.

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