Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lane Kiffin to USC: The Best Thing to Happen to Tennessee Since Peyton Manning

USC have finally settled down on their head coach, landing (now former) Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin.

For USC it seems like a little bit of rushed decision. It seems like they couldn't land Harbaugh, or Del Rio, or any other major candidate and instead landed themselves what they didn't want; an unproven, thus far unsuccessful head coach.

Of course Kiffin comes fully equipped with his defensive coordinator father, but overall the decision looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Kiffin's antics in the SEC were a disgrace this past year, magnify them in Los Angeles and you're looking at something pretty awful brewing at SC.

As for Tennessee, once the storm clears the skies will be a lot more clear on Rocky Top. Kiffin was never going to out-recruit Saban or Meyer. Kiffin could recruit well nationally, but that's not hard to do when you coach at Tennessee, one of the premiere SEC schools.

USC will be fine, it's one of the top five programs in America. Recruiting will recover, and they'll win a bunch of games these next two years because of Pete Carroll's recruits. It's in the long term that we'll see the results.

Tennessee will land a great coach; As good of a job that USC is for "high profile" coaches, Tennessee is for "real ball" coaches. Kiffin was never going to develop into an SEC level coach. He was never going to be Phillip Fulmer. The program learned from their mistake of hiring Kiffin, and now they're going to find themselves a real coach.

So USC got what they think they wanted, and Tennessee will get what they really wanted. We won't be able to really judge this situation until 2013 though.

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