Monday, January 4, 2010

Boise State Go Undefeated, Become National Contender

With their upset win over the undefeated and impressive TCU Horned Frogs, the Boise State Broncos solidified their programs status amidst the nation's elite on Monday. The 17-10 win gave the Broncos their second BCS win in four years, and gave the Broncos their second win over a BCS team in 2009 (they opened their season with a home win over the Oregon Ducks).

It's a shame that Boise State are in the WAC, a conference that embarrassed itself this bowl season, but it's a bigger shame that "big conference" schools refuse to schedule Boise. I understand why a powerhouse like USC, Ohio State, Texas, or LSU would avoid scheduling Boise; they have nothing to gain and everything to lose; But I can't understand why a rising program or mid-level program like Kansas, BYU, or USF would avoid scheduling the Broncos? After all, the Broncos are almost always guaranteed to end their season in the Top 25.

I suppose the only way for Boise State to really gain respect and constant national championship contention is to relocate to either the Mountain West or the Big 12. The Mountain West seems like a better fit (especially with the conferences very likely automatic BCS bid), but I think the Big 12 makes more sense. If the Big 10 expands, and with the ACC's 2005 expansion, the Big 12 will need to make a move to stay on top of those conferences; no better move to make than by adding a team with two BCS wins in the past four years. Though the Big 12 would make more sense, I think Boise would move to the Mountain West if they could.

As for tonight's game, you have to believe the better team love. I spent the entire season pumping TCU as if I was a fan, but the Horned Frogs never looked like they were supposed to win tonight. It came down to Boise being able to play better on defense than TCU were on offense. I think TCU did a lot for the Mountain West this year (and Utah, BYU, Air Force, and Wyoming did just as much in their bowls), but Boise State will surpass the Mountain West as the biggest winners of the Bowl season with their win.

Now it's time for Boise State to go prime time and get the heck out of the WAC.

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