Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Night Football: Could it Get More Useless?

It's become a tradition now in the NFL that every second half on the season we're given a weekly Thursday night game.

The game is always played on the NFL network, which a majority of football fans still don't have, and the match ups are usually average.

This season the league is giving us:

Tonight: Bears @ 49ers
Nov 19: Dolphins @Panthers
Nov 26: Giants @ Broncos (Thanksgiving night)
Dec 3: Jets @ Bills
Dec 10: Steelers @ Browns
Dec 17: Colts @ Jaguars
Dec 25: Chargers @ Titans (Christmas Day, Friday)

As you can see a very unappealing batch of games. The only one that is remotely enticing is the Thanksgiving night cap. Colts @ Jaguars and Chargers @ Titans will probably be good games, as will tonight's game, but who cares?

My problem isn't with the quality of these games, it's with the fact that the NFL week doesn't need to be 3 days long. Not to mention week 15 is given a Thursday night game, Saturday night game, Sunday games (including a Sunday night game), and a Monday night game.

That's too much NFL football, and to be honest it seems more like the league capitalizing on gambling and fantasy football popularity than it is in constructing a fair schedule.

For example, this week not only to the Bears need to make a west coast trip, which is never that easy, they have to play the game four days after a heartbreaking loss. Is four days enough to plan? Better question, is three days enough to plan for a game like this? The loser of this game tonight is likely done for the season, so is it really fair for the game to be played on a Thursday?

NFL games on any day not named Sunday usually doesn't feel right; an NFL game played on a Thursday, now that's just silly.


  1. You forgot the December 19th matchup between the Cowboys & Saints. Probably the best game of the lot.

  2. I hear what you're saying.. And I agree about Thursday night games. The only positive is if you have NFL network, it might give you a chance to see 2 teams you rarely get to see during the season. For example, being in Indianapolis, that should have been the only time I got to see the 49'ers (except for they randomly played the Colts this year).

    But also, Monday night football is a tradition. So you're almost right about Sunday, but Monday is a necessity.