Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thoughts Heading In To Week 12

Kerry Rhodes

I'm in New York right now so I've heard a lot of hoopla about head coach Rex Ryan's benching of safety Kerry Rhodes. This comes after an offseason where Ryan compared Rhodes to future hall of famer Ed Reed. So far this season Rhodes has underachieved (a lot like his fellow Louisville Cardinals of the 00's) picking up zero interceptions through 10 games.

To make matters worse Rhodes got burnt not only by Wes Welker on Sunday (which isn't dishonorable), but also by Laurence Maroney (which is pretty dishonorable).

Personally, I feel as though Rhodes will bounce back and start in 2010, but Rex Ryan's stock keeps falling, and falling, and falling, to the point where he may not have a job after 2010 if Mark Sanchez doesn't take a huge step forward.

Landon Johnson

It's been that kind of year for the Carolina Panthers. After serving the Panthers valiantly in two starts since an injury to standout linebacker Thomas Davis, linebacker Landon Johnson was placed on the IR on Tuesday. This leaves James Anderson as the starter at weak side Linebacker in Carolina.

Whether the Panthers manage a 7-9 or 8-8 record or not (which they probably will) doesn't matter to me. After this season the Panthers need to do whatever it takes to clear house and start over with the new decade. It won't even be too hard to contend in 2010 with a new batch of faces. Most importantly the team needs to finally develop a young complementary receiver to Steve Smith (it's pathetic that Moosh is still asked to be that guy) and they need to find a Quarterback who raise that passing games level play.

As mentioned by Sebastian, a follower of Funk Football, Jason Campbell may be the right guy for that job. John Fox should probably take 2010 off and resurface in 2011. Maybe in the NCAA.

Matt Leinart

In case you were wondering, Kurt Warner plans to play this Sunday, despite being sidelined mid game last week due to a concussion. You have to wonder how much of this has to do with Warner's actual comfort playing this week, and how much has to do with the Cardinals lack of trust in backup quarterback Matt Leinart.

I have no intention to dissect any of Leinart's other two extend appearances in 2009, or from 2006-2008, because it wouldn't be fair. What we can look at are Leinart's numbers last week. Against St. Louis last week I'm sure you heard (from ESPN or some talk Radio show) that Leinart look pretty tentative at times, and made some really high and bad throws. While Leinart was in the Rams also managed to make it a game with the Cardinals.

To be fair to Leinart he was 10 of 14 for 74 yards, 0/0 TD to INT on Sunday. He also hasn't been the focus of a game plan going into a game since 2007, so there's a reason he may not be totally in sync with Boldin and Fitzgerald.

I'm not defending Leinart, but I'm also not going to slam him like everyone else is going to. 10 of 14 and minimal mistakes in relief is all you could ask for from a backup entering a game the coaches didn't plan on him playing in.

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