Monday, November 2, 2009

The BCS Has it Right

In case you haven't seen this weeks BCS rankings here's the top ten:

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Iowa
5. Cincinnati
6. TCU
7. Boise
8. Oregon
9. LSU
10. Georgia Tech

The AP poll has the same 1-3 but follows with a 4-10 the follows:

4. Cincinnati
5. Boise
6. TCU
7. Oregon
8. Iowa
9. LSU
10. Georgia Tech

At the top, it doesn't matter where Florida and Alabama are ranked. At this point it's safer to put Florida at #1 since they've clinched a spot in the SEC Championship game. If Alabama win at home this week vs LSU there's a great chance they'll flip positions with Florida. Texas are going to be #2 as long as they keep winning. If they're able to run the table they'll be in the National Championship.

Iowa belong ahead of Cincinnati based on the sole fact that the Big 10, even in a down year, is a better than the Big East, which has been in a down decade. I have been impressed with Cincinnati, but these past two weeks Iowa have proves resilient. Some say Iowa have proven weak, but I disagree. If Iowa can run the table, and Texas somehow lose, Iowa will belong in the National Championship over everyone else.

TCU belong ahead of Boise despite Boise's home win against Oregon. I agree with the BCS' formula of holding early season wins to a lesser standard than late season wins. Boise's schedule since that Oregon game has been awful, and they haven't had one tough road game.

I'm very happy that the BCS put Boise ahead of Oregon; ranking the Ducks ahead of the Broncos would be a crime and deminish the BCS; a system I strongly believe in.

Placing the Ducks ahead of the LSU Tigers on the other hand gets tricky. Both are 7-1, with LSU's only loss being at home to the #1 ranked Florida Gators. Oregon on the other hand have one loss at the #7 ranked Boise St Broncos. Is a home lose to the best really worse than a road loss to a very good team? It looks that way. Fortunately for the Tigers they have a chance to get back in the national title hunt when they head to Alabama this week. A win and the Tigers will be in perfect form to win the SEC West and play the Gators in a rematch: the winner playing in the National Championship.

Finally, #10 does belong to whoever is in control of the ACC. The ACC this year is up there with every conference outside of the SEC. So far Georgia Tech have one loss to a very very good University of Miami team. Georgia Tech can hold on and ring off wins against Wake Forest, Duke, and Goergia consecutively and earn themselves a solid bowl berht. Georgia will be the only tricky game.

The biggest complaints about the BCS rankings will come from fans of the big schools; USC, Penn State, Ohio State and Miami fans will burst out with their cries of entitlement, but the truth is college football is a gauntlet and that's what makes it great. If there were a playoff it'd take away so much fun from the regular season games. The fact is, USC, Miami, and Ohio State have all lost twice this year; it doesn't matter who they beat, what matters is they lost and the teams ahead of them haven't.

I don't favor a playoff system and college football, I love the BCS, and I believe it is what makes college football so entertaining.

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