Friday, November 27, 2009

Bama Get By Again

Tell me you weren't into Friday's Alabama vs Auburn game. I can pretty much guarantee everyone who watched the game was.

I'll admit, I flipped back and forth between that and the UFL Championship, but the 4th quarter (3rd Qt in the UFL game thanks to an awful half time show that would have made my High School's half time marching band look like Pearl Jam circa 1992) I was all Bama/Auburn.

Even when it was 14-0, didn't you still know that Alabama were going to win? It's nothing against Auburn, I feel like you have to respect them as a program, but Alabama didn't look like a team that was going to lose.

Maybe it's because we watched the Tennessee game a month ago. Remember that one? The blocked kick. I said to myself then that Alabama may have won the national championship that day (not that the Vols are Texas, Florida, or dare I say, TCU), and things look like that everyday.

I'm always a fan of the teams who win the close games against good teams. Alabama are that team in 2009. They've looked better in their wins, close games, and blowouts then Florida and Texas, and you can't say it's because teams get up for Texas and Florida more. Last I checked, Alabama was playing quality opponents in the beginning of the season while Texas and Florida were arguing which of their QB's is predestined to win the Heisman.

All Alabama has done since is produce the kid who should win the Heisman in 2009, RB Mark Ingram.

It was 5:50 on the East Coast when Alabama kept their playoff hopes alive. You know there were a lot of people in northern Florida who missed the early bird special tonight; not because of the time, but because they weren't hungry anymore.

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