Saturday, September 17, 2011

NFL Week 2 Picks

So Like a dimwit I forgot to make my picks last week. This week, despite a brutally busy schedule, I refuse to forget, so here are my picks.

Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins - Two teams that expect to be better this year and one team will start their season 2-0. This game is going to come down to who wins the battle of quarterbacks. With LeRon Landry coming back the Redskins defense should be even better this week than they were last week. It's going to be up to Rex Grossman to build off of Cam Newton's dominant passing performance last week against the Cardinals seemingly atrocious pass defense.

I'm taking the Redskins at home.

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts - Two teams that began the preseason with a lot of hope for 2011 enter a week 2 elimination game. The Colts looked awful last week and despite coming home I can't see them beating the Browns.

I'm taking the Browns on the road.

Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills - Who would have thought that this would be a game we would actually show some interest in? I really don't know what either of these teams are about yet, but I think the Raiders have the better roster.

I'm taking the Raiders on the road.

Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints - This is probably the most intriguing early game. The Bears had an impressive win over a Falcons team that I expect to take a step back, meanwhile the Saints lost by a yard to the defending Super Bowl champions. The Saints need this win if they want to think about a first round bye.

I'm taking the Saints at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets - Last week the Jaguars ran the ball and controlled the clock to beat Tennessee. The Jaguars can do that and perhaps get Sanchez off of his game, but I still don't think the Jaguars have enough firepower to keep the Jets off the field long enough to make a difference for four quarters.

I'm taking the Jets at home.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Detroit Lions - The Chiefs are probably the worst team in the NFL, while the Lions are a potential playoff team. This should be a beating, if it's not then it's the same old Lions.

I'm taking the Lions at home.

Tampa Bay Buccaneer @ Minnesota Vikings - These were two teams that could have made a statement in week one but instead had painful losses. The loser of this team will need to take a long look in the mirror and that scenario would be far more painful for the veteran Vikings than it would be for the young Bucs. Adrian Peterson is due for a big day after being held without a score last week.

I'm taking the Vikings at home.

Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans - The Matt Hasslebeck era in Tennessee could be short lived as the Ravens, coming off a dominant win over the Steelers, come to town. The only way the Titans win this one is if they control the ball and get a lot of big plays and turnovers. I just don't see that sort of perfect storm brewing.

I'm taking the Ravens on the road.

Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Simply put this is the sort of game an NFC West team doesn't need to win, but it's the sort of game an AFC North team needs to win. The Seahawks don't stand a chance in Pittsburgh, and if they win then the Steelers season is over.

I'm taking the Steelers at home.

Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers - Whenever I see this match-up it brings me back to my youth when I first fell in love with football as a first grader. The 49ers are coming off of a big win last week but the Cowboys are going to be hunting for their first win of the season, a win that they'll desperately need. If the 49ers can win this one then both teams 2011 fortunes will fork. The Cowboys can't afford for that to happen.

I'm taking the Cowboys on the road.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos - The Broncos should win this game and if they don't they have bigger problems than quarterback billboards.

I'm taking the Broncos at home.

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins - A statement game that the Texans can't afford to lose. The Dolphins are a team in transition with a lame duck coach; a win this week could change that, but it would require shutting down a potent offense on a short week.

I'm taking the Texans on the road.

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots - A game that deserves it's own article. A first round bye is potentially on the line in this game and the Patriots simply don't lose home regular season games under Bill Belichick. If Norv's team comes in ready to go the Chargers can win this game. A loss would hurt New England more than it would hurt San Diego.

I'm taking the Patriots at home.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons - The Vick Bowl II, the first real Vick Bowl. The Falcons are a team that are going to take a step back this year while the Eagles are a playoff team. This is the sort of loss that could put by prediction about the Falcons into motion.

I'm taking the Eagles on the road.

St. Louis Rams @ New York Giants - Two teams that need to forget about week one. A win here would help either team get their season going, but both teams are incredibly beat up. The Giants losses hurt more than the Rams losses, but the Giants roster is still probably a little better than the Rams roster. Home field should help the Giants.

I'm taking the Giants at home.

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